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Wednesday, January 25, 2006


My husband and I went to Grandpa Eddie's last week and were disappointed based on several good reviews from critics and friends alike. We are huge Buz & Ned's fans. The ribs were not of the quality of B&N (Enzo's down the road has much better ribs also)and the sauce was lacking as well. I had the pulled pork also and it was bland (though the cole slaw was fine and perked it up). Fries were standard but hot, fresh and crispy. The onion straws were good. The beans were the worst I've ever had. We asked about the mac and cheese and the waitress (the service was very good) said it was not homemade, so we skipped it.

We won't be going back. We'll continue heading down the Boulevard.

As I said in my review--this isn't Buzz & Ned's barbecue, it's a whole different style. And I think it's perfectly legitimate for diehard Buzz & Ned fans (and I consider myself one of them, despite the unbelievably long waits at lunchtime) to find Grandpa Eddie's inadequate. It's just not going to be what you're used to--but in a lot of the country, what you and I are used to is completely different. It's nice to have a good alternative out there.

I'm suprised you found the pulled pork bland; it was nicely spicy and vingary, and I love those griddled buns it comes on (I'm also a big advocate of hot sauce when it comes to barbecue since it's never hot enough for me!). As for the mac and cheese--actually I suspected it wasn't homemade and I think that's why my children loved it so much (see Food a Nine-Year Old Can Make). I mentioned it in an earlier draft of the review but cut it because I ran out of space.

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