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Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Ha! Great read...and sadly so true. I had much higher hopes for that place.

Personaly i think that that was a horribly written article that should be payed no attention too. It was obviously written by an arragoant person who knows nothing but her own stubborn american ways. "cream cheese is always, always welcome." Wow! maybe next time she goes there if she could actually try to understand what they are doing. They are trying to bring to richmond a place to have healthy, organic food, not cream cheese with the enzymes from a cows stomach. I think that she needs to open up her mind. Zed Cafe is awesome and i highly reccomend going there.

And well-written comments are always welcome.

Brandon, the restraint in your reply is quite generous. Elegant, even.

Walked into Zed's looking for some new flavours....

Walked out very annoyed.

We arrived considering the 5 course tasting menu. As my wife was a bit under the weather we decided that she would do the 3 course prix fixe, I would do the a'la carte. Even though there was only one other table in the restaurant, the chef couldn't be bothered and declined our order. We declined the bottle of wine we ordered and walked out.

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