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Monday, September 10, 2007


I feel for you.

Welcome back! It sucks doesn't it when you don't want to leave a certain place and it's back to reality.

I feel very, very sorry for myself.

I am so with you on those thoughts! Do they have trash trucks in Europe? I do not think I have ever seen one!

The only thing worse than the summer doldrums after a fabulous trip is summer doldrums when you haven't had a wonderful trip! Reality bites!

The trash trucks in mainland Europe usually operate in the VERY early hours of the morning.

I had to take my trash (or my children did) all the way down to dumpsters at the end of the lane in Spain. I never heard a trash truck once and I'm wondering if it's because they used a smaller truck than they the enormous mastodon-like ones here. Any insight into this Toffeeapple?

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