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Thursday, January 03, 2008


Had stopped going to ET after early December because it was a mess. I just stopped in ET last night and was pleasantly surprised. The place was clean, reorganized and well stocked with old favorites and new finds. Still can't wait for Whole Foods to arrive. Gas is just too expensive for driving to Northern Virginia just to buy food.

Bought a pack on my way home. I don't usually jump an exhortation to spend money at Ellwoods, but I knew these would be a hit with my pregnant wife. She doesn't go for moldy cheese, so I splurged on some french muenster (stinky good) and cranberry chipotle cheddar (smokey-sweet).

Tonight, we're having Spanish fish stew (bonito marmitako from the "1080 Recipes" book). So, these crackers set an appropriate scene.
Thanks for the tip.

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