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Thursday, April 10, 2008


At our house we're all fans of Gordon Ramsey (even little Finn who walks around with a pencil behind his ear saying 'I'm Gordon Ramsey, welcome to Hell's Kitchen!). His American shows are ok but I really recommend 'The F Word' which is required viewing on Sunday mornings at our house and the British version of 'Kitchen Nightmares'. All you really get from his Americanized shows are profanity laced venom. The British shows will sometimes show that too but you get that it comes from a passion for cooking rather than just being a jerk.

I love to watch Gordon on BBC America. Whether it be Kitchen Nightmares or The F Word. TOTALLY different than what you see on over-sensationalized American TV. You actually see many different facets of his personality, many of them caring & *shocker* constructive!

Tip: I got a fabulous beef wellington recipe from his F Word series. It's on the F Word site if you're interested.

He's got a great podcast. it's nice seeing he has a human side :D I made this recipe a while ago -- it's easy and nice!

This recipe sounds f-ing great! I have to admit that Hell's Kitchen is my guilty pleasure, and every once in awhile Ramsey shows his human side.

The more of these videos I watch, the more I like Ramsay.

i've tried the recipe, here's how it turned out. i couldn't find sherry vinegar, so i used apple cider vinegar instead. taste great. and i missed out on the parsley:

Store was out of parsley, thyme, and sherry vinegar. Had to use dried thyme and red wine vinegar instead, skipped the parsley entirely.

Dish was good, a bit too lemony for my taste.

Going to give it attempt number two soon.

Second attempt:

Fresh Thyme in this dish is essential, makes a huge difference. Used less lemon and water, more vinegar and honey. Still no parsley (wife makes me sleep on couch when I eat parsley).

Freaking awesome dish when cooked properly. No leftovers this time... or pictures.

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