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Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I was there last week and took home their curry chicken. Choking nasty taste when reheated I had to put some fish sauce into it. I thought all they had were organic? I did not know that there were conventional grown stuff. Yes, i was also glowering when I saw my total at the register.

Ah yes, Ellwood Thompson's is my weakness when it comes to lunch. I am addicted to their hummous vegetable wrap sandwiches, and on the day the hot bar has Indian food, I'm toast. I like their Indian food better than most Indian restaurants because it tastes just as spicy but not as salty and greasy.

Regarding the competing stores slated to come to the area, I guarantee they will never (or hardly ever) get any of my business because I can't stand to go out to frickin Short Pump Sprawlapalooza. I like the small friendly feel of Carytown, plus I'm a big shopper at little ethnic markets. Who needs those big guys??

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