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Thursday, September 11, 2008


We haven't been out there yet - the gas budget and the grocery budget just can't handle it. I know Peter always enjoys what he calls "visits to the food museum" where he slowly looks at each product and reads labels while the family waits not so patiently.

Thank god somebody out there shares my eye-boggling delight for grocery stores. Especially good ones. And Farmer Markets, where all the eye candy means I walk into people all the time. Good point, eh, it is like crack.

So what are you doing with the avocado oil?

Abstain?? Surely you jest! I understand my carbon footprint will enlarge but this is one I will somehow be forced to manage. Driving to Fairfax or DC for the past 8 years to gain access to Whole Foods was surely a pain in the $$$ but I only went 4-5 times a year with a huge ice chest in the trunk. Now that they are in Short Pump is it possible that I can make myself feel 'small footed'? I also went a bit mad while shopping there on opening day. My plan was to spend $50 and not a cent more. I failed. Ya know Brandon I will be required to shop there weekly due to the 'ingredient short list'. Sliced white bread with only flour, water, yeast and sugar. Boxed cake mix with only 6 ingredients. Oops - this is not my blog this belongs to Brandon!! I agree with you Brandon. Whole Foods is a welcome addition to Richmond. Now for Trader Joe's......

Argh!! Perhaps you could start a 12 step program for grocery store addicts?? I'd come to meetings....... Can you say Skyr?? OMG!!!

Good question, Janelle, good question. Um . . .

I must confess, Teresa, I was back at Whole Foods yesterday. That makes exactly 24 hours that I was able to resist its allure. And I was thinking about something I wanted to pick up there today.

You know where I live Brandon, so you know I don't feel guilty about driving to Whole Foods because it's about 2 miles away :). The first two times I went I spent two hours a little girl checking out the selection of candy...
I brought home an ostrich egg which I will use for show and tell before I turn it into an omelet or ice cream.
Enjoy your dry-aged beef :D!

oh...I forgot to add that I still refused to buy the almost $5 black mission figs when the hubby got it for 2/$5 at the Fresh Market!

We stopped at the Whole Foods on our way back from the mountains on Sunday- big mistake! It was packed and I couldn't leisurely peruse the aisles the way I wanted to. However,it didn't stop us from buying about $40 worth of cheeses (okay, okay,I know it was a bit much!)
I did find that the bulk food section at Short Pump was not as extensive as the Charlottesville store (a disappointment)

*snort* I drive up from Newport News. Then again, I used to drive to the Alexandria store, which is the best Whole Foods store I have ever visited.

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