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Thursday, January 05, 2006


How tragic...words cannot be said to express how sorry I am to hear of this news, even though I did not know the family.

I hope when you feel ready, you will resume your blog. Feeding people, sharing new discoveries in the kitchen and other web log tidbits might seem trivial now, but, these are things that make us human in the highest sense.
One well-written blog that is currently honoring the Harvey family without pandering to gossip mongers is John Sarvey's Buttermilk and Molasses.

Actually John is an old friend who I'd lost track of over the years--I ran across his blog and found it to be a safe haven from all the goulish gossip mongerers you mention. I think if anything positive at all will come of this awful, awful tragedy, it will be an impetus to renew and maintain old friendships and hold even closer our current ones. Your kind words are very much appreciated.

Hello Brandon - What a horrible tragedy. I'm so saddened to hear of it. Thank you for letting us know...

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