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Monday, September 25, 2006


My two favorite pans are not non-stick. One is an All-Clad 10" sautee pan and the other a well seasoned 14" cast iron pan. Love them both. could not live without either. I also have an All-Clad non-stick that is about 10 years old that has seen better days but still gets the job done.

Brandon, the exact same thing has happened to me! I am on my second 12 inch non-stick calphalon skillet since my wedding day 13 years ago. FYI, I return mine to Bed, Bath and Beyond. I'm due for a new one and am coming home with a "stick" not a "non stick" this time! :)

I'm returning these suckers straight back to Calphalon--I'm not messing with a middleman!

Brandon- You can call the Calphalon Consumer Relations department toll free @ 800.809.7267. They will provide you with instruction on how to return your cookware for warranty inspection. If the pans are found to be defective in materials and/ or workmanship, your cookware will be replaced with an identical item, or if the item is no longer available, with a similar product of equivalent value.

I hope you don't have the "Commercial" grade Calphalon, because I just got a bargain on a 10" and a 12" nonstick skillet combo at and I'm hoping to see them last. I don't know about you all, but I would expect decent non-stick cookware to endure at least 4-5 years of use. The fact that the surface scratches easily is just a trade-off for the convenience of its non-stick qualities. Of course, I'll jump at any opportunity to cash in on a lifetime guarantee if need be.

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