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Friday, January 12, 2007


Well, thanks for the nice comment! This is really easy to make, albeit time-consuming. I make almost everything the week/weekend before. On the big day, there's nothing to do but make the bechamel and assemble.

Enjoy! And, I think I may have to see this movie again!

Hurray! I just added it to my Netflix list!

One of the all-time greats, as far as food movies go. We use the soundtrack as the background for dinners and cooking nights. Someone always recognizes it. Never thought about making a timpano before.....

I remember "Big Night" was the movie shown when there was a dinner and a movie night at sur la table. Kendra Bailey Morris was the chef instructor that night and she did make the timpani which was provided by Stanley Tucci's mom. It was huge but delicious!

The mighty tome the "Silver Spoon", Italy's answer to The Joy of Cooking, has a great timpano recipe. I'll wash the dishes if you're willing to give it a whirl.

Sorry for my ignorance, is it an Italian movie? I love foreign movies and will certainly check this out. :)

Veronica--I would have loved to have done that Sur la Table class. Lucky you!

Genevelyn--You're on. And I've been lusting after that book since it came out.

Rasa--It's an American movie and Stanley Tucci, one of the stars, actually directs (it was a small, independent film when it came out). You should definitely give it a whirl; you won't be disappointed.

My first generation Italian mother and her five sisters had a "Big Night" after watching the movie and all made a timpani together. The report was that it was incredible.

It wasn't until reading this entry that it occured to me that the timpano wasn't just a piece of fantasy food, an artistic imbellishment, that was used to show how har Primo went in his extreme cooking compulsion. One of my favorite parts was when Primo took the timpano out of the oven and put his ear to it, tapping and listening, like a doctor checking your lungs for congestion, or investigating the contents of an impressive goiter. Appetizing, huh? For those who haven't seen the movie, see it anyway. I loved it long before I was a foodie, when I only ordered off the extra value under $0.99 menu. The climactic question of "what kind of man are you" really struck me and still does. Is there a more important task than figuring out where we fit into this life? A Big Night for the characters and the viewer alike.

Movie just came to me from Netflix! Can't wait to watch!

For film food inspiration, have you checked out Tortilla Soup (I wanted to do the cactus in this movie, but never have) and Mostly Martha? Great to watch a move that entertains the foodie in you too!

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