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Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Brandon, I went to Texas de Brazil with an open mind because I do love Ipanema Grill ,but i'm looking for that out-of-this- world experience that I had at Fogo de Chao in Atlanta a couple of years ago. I tried all their meats (Texas de Brazil) and they have put a sweet coating on it that I think makes you not taste the essence of each individual meat cut. I was disappointed as well as relieved since Ipanema grill is just 2 miles from the house and I don't have to drive too far for Brazilian churascarria :).

I have also eaten at Ipanema grill and the biggest disappointment for me was that they did not serve lamb. I don't know if it was circumstance or normal operating procedure, but I love lamb. The only thing keeping me from rushing out to Texas de Brazil is the price tag.

andy B, Ipanema grill serves lamb for dinner...

I'm a little embarrassed about this review--but it amazed me that the meat was so consistently hot (sizzling!) and perfectly medium rare. I didn't notice a sweet taste, Veronica, but then, I was busy eating those grilled bananas and they just sharpened the saltiness of the meat for me. I had a paragraph about feedlot dining I cut for space and I think if I'd been able to make more visits (Style had me on a tight leash for this one), I might have been a little less gushing in my review. Or not. I'm still surprised these guys can crank it out so consistently on such a scale. I also think that because my expectations were so low (I'm not a fan of chains)--so very, very low, I really couldn't restrain my disbelief that Texas de Brazil wasn't the Applebee's of Brazilian churascarria.

That explains it Brandon, my expectations were very high. I do admit thought that they went all out in the interior of the place. It's funny because I saw the former meat runner from Ipanema Grill now working for Texas de Brazil. Do not apologize for your reviews because all restaurants have good and off nights.

I was a few days late reading your review. We decided to forgo our usual monthly visit to Maggiano's (OK calm down) and went to TdB instead. Wellllllll....... The Mr. loved it but I found the salad bar lacking. When the listing I received said sushi I expected more than a simple California roll. (silly me) The lobster bisque was nice the night we went. I enjoyed the lamb chops and the flank steak was simply divine -- tasted like the American Kobe I ordered from Snake River Farms. The tenderloin did not impress. And BTW they have increased the price already $43 per person. Sure wish the 25% off coupon they emailed me had come prior to our visit. Just in case you want to go again go to their website and sign up for your 25% off coupon - they will email it to you. Mine is good until March so maybe...... Coupon does not cover any beverages, dessert, lobster, yada yada but it covers the salad bar & meat fest :-))

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