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Sunday, February 04, 2007


And aren't you all impressed with my masterful spelling of crème fraîche?

When I worked with Ch’ville restaurateurs Tim Burgess and Vincent Durquenne we used to add a little heavy cream to sour cream just to loosen it up a little and then call it a “crème fraiche garnish” – no ever called us on it. I remember Vincent actually culturing the stuff once – but I can’t remember his method. I don’t know though. Times have changed. You might not even be able to get away that trick at a Super Bowl party these days…. I can just picture everyone scorning your dish in favor of the taco tower because you didn’t even use real crème-frickin-fraiche….

Oh, BackBou, that's just the kind of thing I don't want to hear about restaurants.

That's a scary thought indeed to be out of creme fraiche when you need it. I usually get a big tub of it from this lady during the holidays. It's sitting in my refrigerator right now since reminded me to check on it. Might have to throw out the entire tub :(.

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