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Friday, March 16, 2007


Silver Palate was, and remains, one of my favorite cookbooks. It was adventurous for its time. The recipes were well-tested. And the chicken marbella became THE party dish for years after the book was published!

There's nothing more soul-satisfying in cold rainy weather like beef stew ... and how I yearn for this now that the warm balmy weather we had yesterday got blown away by this wierd weather pattern.
Yes, you can grill pork belly :). That's the best cut of meat for grilling in the Philippines actually. Now I haven't done it myself and the hubby,the grill master, is leery of it but I'm going to make him do it anyway :).
From what I remember, the meat does look charred but oh so flavorful and tasty...

Hmmm, grilling pork belly? Not directly, that's fer sure. But if you grill it indirectly, sure! I do that with bacon everytime the grill gets fired up. And with the smoker? The bacon goes on the highest rack so it melts over the roasts and ribs all afternoon long.

Two weekends ago did a wonderful fresh goat curry type of stew. It was a version of curry at first. But after adding 2 cups of red wine it wandered to stew very quickly. Even after adding 4 tbs of crema with lemon zest. Just too rich to overcome!



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