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Wednesday, April 25, 2007


My heart soared as I read your review ... then sank -- Why Brandermill? Why not my little neighborhood? Time for a road trip I guess ...

Darn ! That was my idea for a business. Hmmn, there isn't one in the West End yet ;).

I am thrilled a cool new business opened up and it's not in the West End . My husband's birthday is in May and I'm going to get his birthday cake from there. Can't wait to try it.

The carrot cake is excellent!

Ann, My thoughts exactly. Does anyone know of something similar in the Carytown area? I found the ideal coffee, lunch, lingering spot in MA ( for anyone who is headed up there). Jean Jacques used to be the perfect nearby spot to linger, but something seems to have changed in the past few months.

I had a special carrot cake made for our wedding anniversary, because one of the layers of our wedding cake was carrot cake with a grand marnier mousse. Still have not found the mousse anywhere and with two little ones under foot i don't expect my wife to make it; but the carrot cake here was the second best I have ever had, just after our wonderful wedding cake :)

We also bought a sampling of other delectible delights since living up near Mineral, we do not get down to Brandermill much at all. They were all good, especially the cookies.

We did not try much of the gelato, it reminded me of the homemade real gelato place in the plaza at Gaskins and Gayton.

I wish I could have said as much for our choice of dining in Brandermill - the fish Bonefish grill was dry, flavorless, and uninspiring. Now I know why I generally don't do chains, but I wanted to do seafood for our anniversary and with it being about across the street from the Desserterie I figured I would give Bonefish a try.

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