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Monday, July 23, 2007


Hi Brandon: great show on email. I loved your pictures and the comments about Luanco, I always thought that MY FATHER IN LAW said Luarca. Shows that I am human too! We, some of us anyway, look forward to going to España next year, 2008. See you there? Love and kisses to you, your significant only and the two great señoritas that follow you around. Cyril, husband of the real spaniard Dolores. cirilo.

Hey Cyril! Thanks for reading! Actually, there's a port town named LUARCA too--and it's only about a half an hour from LUANCO. We visited Luarca on our last trip, and I spent all of this trip calling Luanco, naturally, Luarca. I even misspelled it here (I think I corrected all the times I did that). I love Spain, but trying to keep those two names straight almost killed me.

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