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Monday, December 24, 2007


I have been making that recipe for 30 years. It is pure heaven. The smell is beyond the imagination. It was nice to see that someone else enjoys it as much.And I still have all my old Molly Katzen books and I bought myself the new one for xmas about vegetables.

Moosewood? Okay, you've officially outted yourself as a hippy. Mellow middle-eastern flavored mornings with cake and coffee... dude.
Happy x-mas. Btw, just got around to cooking out of Jamie's Italy, one week after giving Jamie Oliver's latest as a present.

Many years ago when I was a new bride, I wanted to make a coffee cake and I had a Betty Crocker cook book, sent from USA to me in England. I looked and looked and couldn't understand why the recipe was so wrong, I mean, where was the coffee in the coffee cake? Here in UK if we make a coffee cake, it has coffee in it. I had to call my sister in law to find out the truth...

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