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Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Oh, we just found Metro, too. Where will we get leaf cookies from now?! Gah.

Hi Brandon! i made my blog! My mom says she wants you to come over and teach me and her all the ins and outs. she made one too. I'm so excited! is this still a blog? or is it and actual webpage?


I was sure there would be a horrible impact by me going back on south beach....

bummer- i love sammy's portugese rolls- bishop's hats as he calls them. I will certainly miss the salty chewy goodness of a metro loaf.

I will REALLY miss Sammy's. I have an addiction to his Sourdough bread. No one in Richmond (since Miller & Rhoads bakery closed) makes a decent coconut macaroon. Real nice folks too........

I have never been to Sammy's, but am a semi-regular at Metro Bakery and am very saddened to hear that these places are leaving us.

Please accept my sincere apologies, Jon. It's been corrected.

Bookstore Piet: It's all your fault.

I, for one, will miss those lemon white chocolate cookies and plan to stock up and freeze them (along with loaves of bread!) before their doors shut forever.

NO!!!! So sad to see Sammy's go! One of the joys of Northside is having the local bakery! So sad :-(

HI MOMM !!!!!your blog is sooooooo coooool! eliza wants you to come over and teach her the ins and outs. liz needs the computer so i have to go

your loving daughter

p.s liz says peace out

It's sad when bakeries close. The best bread ever was from Frenchy's and that closed I think last year or the year before. We did run into the owner , Christian at a restaurant supply store and he said he was thinking of opening a bakeshop in the Outer Banks. I said...noooo...please open another one in Richmond. Anyway, we'll see what happens.

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