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Friday, February 01, 2008


The hubby and I took the supertaster's test. This is a strip that is laced with a compound that reacts differently on the tastebuds of different people. The taste is usually bitter. I first encountered this in a Harold Mc Gee seminar where the person right next to me spat out the strip and others didn't taste anything at all. Hubby and I are regular tasters. Oh, strips are available at which I first encountered at the Amateur Gourmet's site so I think it's legit.

As the father of a three year old - couldn't agree more. Covering up just doesn't work too well and there is no magic formula that will work for all. We just keep exposing F to as much as possible and, with no real pressure added, watch for the results (keeping in mind that what is eaten one is rejected the next and vice versa). How else would we find out that he likes onion (in any form) or miso soup (through a straw).

Veron--I'm ordering that supertaster test today.

Bookstore Piet--I wanted to send you a picture of my children drinking oj with straws that twist around over their ears and around their eyes like glasses but I couldn't find it. They love chicken and stars soup sipped through a straw. Straws are key to childhood cuisine, I've discovered.

I totally agree. There is no "magic bullet" (or in this case, magic broccoli) to make kids eat a variety of healthy foods. Expose them early and often, limit convenience foods and don't get discouraged. Sometimes the fussiest eaters grow out of it! I am against a nutrition strategy that encourages us to lie to our kids!

Well, I certainly dont have kids, but I still think you make a pretty valid point. Nobody wants spinach in their brownies, and hardly anyone is going to be fooled by such a thing.


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