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Monday, May 05, 2008


That's the first I've heard of adding a tiny amt. of sugar to cut the acid, I'll have to try it!

I will typically make a simple sugar syrup to serve with my tea, so folks can sweeten it up however much they like.

My method would prob. send the iced tea purists into an apoplectic fit-- I place 2 Lipton family sized tea bags into my kettle and fill with water. When it comes to a screaming boil, I pour into a 2 Qt.(plastic) pitcher that is full of ice. If I want minted tea, I throw a handful of mint into the kettle as well.

I also enjoy earl grey as an iced tea.

For a die-hard iced tea fan, this is one of the most important posts you have written. Even in the northernmost state in the South, iced tea is in our veins.I'll give your method a try!

Thanks for the recipe! I am growing mint and wasn't sure what to do with it, and the iced tea was a hit (with me, I didn't share).

Fantastic recipe, I love iced tea... love mint also so this will go down well in the summer months.


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