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Friday, August 28, 2009


I would have loved to had the chance to be in love with it, too. But the day I went for lunch, there was a lot of noise from the kitchen but not one person in sight to greet, serve, cook, etc. We ended up leaving (even after someone walked in and straight to the back without even a word).

I heard nothing but wonderful things about the food. I am sad that my first imopression wasn't a good one.

I think we need to give them a break--I've never known of a restaurant not to have problems when they first open (think Kitchen 64) and Balliceaux's both new and has been overwhelmed with customers right from the get-go.

Print publications wait approximately three months after opening before reviewing them, to give them a fighting chance. A lot of bloggers don't--and I think that's unfair. Give them time and try again! The food is excellent!

I'm thinking Kitchen 64, are you saying they serve good food now??

The menu looks divine. We're going to give it a try!

Why don't you review restaurants anymore? I love your reviews! Please reconsider :-)

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