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Thursday, April 15, 2010


I'm the only one in my family that likes Vietnamese but I'm still making that this weekend! I'll eat one for every meal.
I'm also making these -


Where do you suggest getting the bread in RVA?

I'm totally down to try to make my own banh mi, but any recommendations on where to get a good one here in Richmond?

Best bread? Either Baker's Crust or Can Can. And you can buy a banh mi at the Asian Bakery!

The Boka Truck will be featuring Bah Mi in it's upcoming twist on menu selections...Mayhaps you can arrange for Bahn Mi to come to you...

Welcome Back Brandon!! BTW please give us recommendations in RVA.

I saw this recipe and wondered how it would be since I love Banh mi, and now I know!!! I am pulling out my copy and making this one, since there is nowhere in my area to get a good banh mi.

Although I'm totally devoted to Asian Bakery's $3 banh mi (right by Tan-A... they do a great tofu version too), Cafe Gutenberg also makes a great one in pork or tofu options. Also, I'll bet they'd sell you the bread if you asked nice.

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