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Monday, July 12, 2010


I use duck eggs for custards and sauces. The extra goodness of the yolk really shows in those preparations. Also, I recently made a pizza with duck breast proscuitto, arugula, and a whole duck egg plopped on top of the greens, then cooked with the pizza. It was delicious!

Nice piece. I've never cooked with duck eggs, only had them in restaurants (like Japanese). BTW, nice cast iron pan :)

It's all cast-iron, all the time at my house now, babe. I got fed up with my fancy-schmancy pans.

That pizza sounds amazing! I think I'm going to try it this weekend — I have a pizza party to go to!

Your fried eggs look great! I use duck eggs when I can get them - but only for fried eggs and hard boiled eggs -- not for baking. I love the flavor. Tan-A market has them all the time but at times they look pretty bad so I pass. If you go to Tan-A they are in the back of the store in the cooler (don't get ones in front store unless you want embryo inside). I understand about the 'free-range' restrictions. Our hen was killed by a dog in 1989 -- won't say where as we are in the city limits (Richmond).

I grew up with duck eggs coming from the ducks at the farm where my dad kept a horse or two for fun. They are amazing and make fantastic (super rich) cakes and deviled eggs, to mention a few ways to use them. We ate them like others would eat chicken eggs. We also had guinea hen, turkey, and goose eggs from time to time. It is amazing how different they all are.

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