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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Bravo! I actually made homemade spinach pasta (sans machine) years ago, and while it was a bit of work it was also a lot of fun and the results made boxed pasta pale in comparison!

Ah, Brandon!

You have summed up the beauty of making pasta so well. And I love that you hang it from the hardware of your cabinetry. I have to try that next time.

I had to laugh at your Martha comment. Believe me I felt the same way when I tried it. But I'm glad you had success with the recipe.

Buon appetito!

Making pasta with my mother is one of my fondest childhood memories. She now makes spinach fettucini with the girls when they come to visit. I need to start making pasta again!

Ivonne: It's terrible, isn't it! But somehow I can't seem to help sneaking looks at her recipes and when I saw your reference to it on your site, I knew I had to try it. You made it okay to try Martha in public!

Deborah: Rolled by hand! You are a trooper!

Ann: Let my children do it? Never!

Thanks for the reminder that I need to dust off my poor neglected pasta machine! Great photos. Love your "get over it" re the heavy cream, as I am one of those people who usually stops reading as soon as I see there's a whopping amount of cream in a recipe. : )

"Let my children do it? Never!"

Why not? Other than cooking clams for daddy, making pasta is one of Teagan's (now age 6) favourite kitchen activities.

It's simple to do and insanely fun watching the machine roll out and cut the sheets of pasta.

Plus, if you totally screw up, your out all of about $1.50 in materials and you can feed the mess to your dog.

I haven't introduced her to the ravioli attachment yet. That's next on our kitchen agenda.

Tripp--It is simple to do and insanely fun watching the machine roll out and cut the sheets of pasta--that's exactly why I don't let my children do it!

Actually, I'm being facetious--every time I make pasta I have a horrible internal struggle because I want to have all the fun and roll it out and of course, that's exactly what my children want to do too! And since I'm the mom and the grown-up, I have to master my impulse to shout, "No! It's my pasta machine!" I mean, what're you going to do? Start a mutual fund now to pay for all the therapist's bills later?

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